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On Mother’s Day and Gifting


Mother’s Day as we know it today is the day to treat mothers with chocolates, wine and fine dining. Children pick up flowers for their mothers on this day and spend the day together doing fun things. But historically, this wasn’t the tradition always, or did you think Mother’s Day was a 21st century thing born out of the pop culture bubble?


The History of This Day


The concept of Mother’s Day is old. It was born in the Greek society in the early Christian era. The Greeks celebrated it in spring, only it wasn’t called Mother’s Day back then. The ancient Greeks celebrated Goddess Rhea on this day who according to Greek mythology was the mother of all Gods.


This celebration of mother figure wasn’t confined alone to the Greek culture. The English people celebrated it too in England, only their divine mother figure was Mary, the mother of Jesus. They celebrated it on the 4th Sunday of Lent, which is around the Easter time.


Years later, the nature of the celebration lost its religious connotation and changed into a general celebration of motherhood. People started paying tribute to their own flesh and blood mothers instead of making offerings to the hallowed mother.


So how did Mother’s Day come be called Mother’s Day? That credit goes to the American colonists. Instead of observing Mothering Sunday like the English churches, these guys decided to dedicate the day to peace and love led by an iconic personality called Julia Ward Howe. This was back in 1872. It took another 35 years for people to start campaigning the day as national Mother’s Day.


The rest of the world picked up at different points in time and today we have this universal celebration of motherhood and womanhood.

The Perfect Gift for a Mother


Today, the world celebrates this day in their own unique ways. For some it’s a dinner date with mom at her favorite restaurant, for others it’s a day spent together reminiscing old memories. Whatever your way of celebrating it is, a gift is a must. But what material thing can rightly express the love and gratitude you feel for your mother? A thoughtful gift.


For each of us, different kinds of gifts qualify as a thoughtful gift, but for mothers, it’s one thing, and that is fine jewellery. You won’t find a better way to commemorate the day and let her know how much you treasure her than getting her a delicate jewellery.


A jewellery from the luxe side of the gallery is a token that never grows out of its special and sentimental status. But what kind of jewellery would be the best pick for her? That depends on her style and of course your budget. As far as a memorable Mother’s Day gift is concerned, anything from rings to bracelets to necklaces to anklets can work.


Throw in a dash of color by customizing the piece with her favorite gemstone or better yet, her birthstone. Put in a little engraved message to make it super special.

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