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Anniversary Gemstone List

Anniversary Gemstone List

The tradition of using certain gemstone to mark a certain milestone in your life dates back to thousands of years. Gemstones were originally associated with the signs of the zodiac and this association is an intriguing phenomenon. Just as there are gemstones associated with each month, which we today refer to as the birthstone, there are gemstones associated with specific anniversaries too. So if you are wondering what to gift your better half on his or her next anniversary, there can be nothing better than a gemstone. Nothing can best put forth your feelings of love, support, admiration and commitments than a gemstone. Needless to say, it speaks more than words do and express your gratitude to your partner in the most beautiful way. Above all, they make stunning anniversary gifts too, and are sure to bring the most priceless smile on her face.
The association of gemstone with a particular anniversary is not a random phenomenon. Rather, each gemstone is endowed with meaning galore and there are reasons enough to show why they have been chosen for that particular anniversary year. You can choose to mount the chosen gemstone on earrings, pendants, necklace, bracelet, stud or ring. Below is an anniversary gemstone list to help you choose the gemstone as per your anniversary year:

1st Aniversary – Go for the glitter of gold to celebrate a year of togetherness.

2nd Aniversary – The deep red garnet stone will enhance your bond even more on the 2nd year.

3rd Aniversary- It is the glossy pearl once again to commemeorate the day this time.

4th Aniversary – Blue Topaz somewhere in a hue in between the sky and sea will help you to celebrate the occasion.

5th Aniversary – Its blue again but that of a sapphire for the 5th year.

6th Aniversary – The royal purple amethyst that is fitting for the 6th year.

7th Aniversary –A striated onyx with alternate light & dark bands will help you relieve the ups & downs.

8th Aniversary – Go for the shade that you think is perfect for your partner. Gift her a tourmaline of your choice.

9th Aniversary – The bluest of blue Lapiz Lazuli will make her eyes shine with joy

10th Aniversary –The brilliance of a diamond becomes her on this very special occasion.

11th Aniversary- A blue turquoise with a hint of green is the best bet when you have passed 1 year after your 10th anniversary.

12th Aniversary -  A green jade does not speak of jealousy but love on the 12th occasion.

13th Aniversary – Orange is the new color of love this time in the form of a citrine gem stone.

14th Aniversary- White with a difference is what you find when you hand her the opal jewelry.

15th Aniversary- Your love is akin to a red ruby this time.

16th Aniversary- Glittering green peridot makes the occasion memorable indeed!

17th Aniversary- Remind her how the time flew via this thoughtful gift.

18th Aniversary- Regale her with witty anecdotes from the past along with a magnificent cat’s eye in various shades

19th Aniversary- This cool Acquamarine gem will take her breath away.

20th Aniversary- The gorgeous green emerald will show her your true feelings.

21st Aniversary- A blue Iolite will keep your bond going strong this year and for ever.

22nd Aniversary- Wow her with a spinel in her favorite color when it’s the 22nd time to celebrate your togetherness.

23rd Aniversary- An Imperial Topaz in devine orange will say it better than words.

24th Aniversary- This blue-violet gemstone will keep her enthralled.

25th Aniversary- IT IS SILVER JUBILEE THIS TIME! Nothing is as good as pure Sterling Silver jewelry now!

30th Aniversary- Lovely, delicate pearl encrusted jewery is apt for the PEARL JUBILEE

35th Aniversary – There are no greener pastures for you. Say it with a big smile and the biggest emerald.

40th Aniversary - Vow to stay by her side on the 40th Anniversary with a red ruby

45th Aniversary- Stun her with a sapphire on this day.

50th Aniversary – The years have been good as gold. Gift her all the gold that you can afford.

55th Aniversary- Gift her a color changing Alexandrite akin to the changing hues of your life

60th Aniversary – IT’S THE DIAMOND JUBILEE! She deserves a rock (diamond) on her fingers.

65th Aniversary- Allow her to show off the star shaped sapphire proudly.


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