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Benefits of investing in Jewellery against Holidays !!!

Benefits Of Investing In Jewellery Instead Of Taking A Vacation


  • It is not possible to save a sizable amount of money always. However, you can build up an amount overtime by spending your earnings diligently.
  • Sure, you love to travel but taking multiple vacations to far off exotic locations may fill your mind with delight but fails to help you in the future.
  • That does not mean that you have to give up on the idea of spending a few days in the sun and by the sea, however.
  • Just do not indulge too frequently or spend a fortune on expensive vacations such as a cruise to the other side of the globe.
  • While it will help to rest your body and mind, buying jewellery as an investment can help you to be prepared for your future and make you look stunning at the same time.
  • Opt for gold, silver and all precious metals and build up an enviable collection slowly but steadily.
  • Put away all those brilliant stone studded jewellery that your partner loves gifting you on every anniversary. 
  • Have it valued after a period and get to know what an amazing investment you have made for yourself.
  • Are there really any benefits of gold jewellery though? Sure, it is an investment that is sure to appreciate in value even as you grow old.
  • But did you know that wearing gold can be advantageous for your health as well? Surprised?
  • Well, check out the facts below and go ahead with buying the most spectacular gold ring, bracelet or a pair of earrings that captures attention big time.
  • The yellow, warm metal is thought to monitor your body temperature and control it as and when needed.
  • You will thus get to keep warm in the thick of winter and find relief from hot flushes after hitting menopause.
  • Do make sure to wear gold when you are eager to party or host one.
  • Blaze the red carpet in true celeb style if you want to make a statement at your work place or local event.
  • Is gold jewellery a good Investment?
  • It is common to hear about gold prices going up. Seldom will you hear about its fall. It is a fool proof investment and will remain in vogue for a long time to come.
How to invest in gold? 
  • Ask your financial advisor about the best ways to invest in gold. However, you can always choose to buy gold jewellery by investing the money as recommended.
  • Check the karat amount, color of the metal and its durability to obtain value for money.


Investing in gold jewellery pros and cons
  • There are a lot of advantages of investing in gold today. The price is sure to increase steadily despite the world going through recession. 
  • You can always flaunt your assets by wearing them publicly.
  • It is sure to have an associated sentimental value especially if a particular item had been passed down from generation to generation.
  • However, you do have to be careful about storing the jewellery carefully as loss or theft of bejewelled items can be stressful and put you at a financial disadvantage


Learning from our Ancestors

  • Well, the ancient civilizations were wise indeed.
  • You will thus find all the renowned rulers of yester years promote gold by not only adorning their bodies but also beautifying their edifices and interiors.
  • Conduct a discrete research about the Roman era or Greek and Egyptian civilization and you will be flabbergasted to find that gold was thought to have healing properties and could wade off infections.
  • You can beat stress and anxiety by complementing your dress with gold ornaments. 
  • Why waste money on expensive medication and drugs.
  • Dig deep into your jewellery box to come up with the best de stressor ever.
  • Do you want to have that long lost glow back on your face? Opt for gold packs for your body and watch your skin rejuvenate slowly but surely.
  • Add to the lustre by wearing a breathtaking gold choker along with danglers and go out to wow the world.
  • Well, buying gold takes money for the beautiful yellow metal with or without precious stones does not come cheap.
  • Learning about investing in gold jewellery pros and cons will help you not only to remain financially secure but it would also help you to retain peace of mind.


Some of the things that will fill you with delight after buying Gold includes


Investment for Life 
  • There was a reason behind gifting gold.
  • The tradition has remained in vogue for years as the gleaming metal increases in value despite the hardships faced by the world or during economic recession.
  • You will be pleased to know that a diamond ring set in gold will fetch a higher value if you decide to sell it after 2 or 3 years.
  • This is also the most important reason to cling on to family heirlooms.
  • Do keep away the heavy jewellery and gold bonds for a rainy day and dispense of them for a profit when you need it ten years from now.
  • It is a long term investment that will help you to meet your financial goals.


  • Sure, the most obvious type of investment is to buy jewellery in every shape and size.
  • Every single piece has a resale value from the smallest ring to a multi layered necklace.
  • The versatility is simply astounding.
  • Do make sure to buy a small item every year and you will end up with a sizable collection in 5 to 10 years time.
  • Do not be despondent if you are not too fond of wearing flashing jewellery.
  • Ask a financial advisor for Gold jewellery investment tips and buy gold sovereign coins or a solid gold bar that you can design into fantastic jewellery in future.


  • Taking a vacation once in a while is totally justified. Do not feel the need for leasing a bank locker box for protecting the gold jewellery though.
  • You can safely carry it as it does not take up too much space.
  • Alternatively, wear it on your person if you are reluctant to part with it.
  • Remember, that gold is valued everywhere in the world. You can hope to get an amazing ROI should you wish to sell it in a distant location.
  • You do not need to be coerced into buying gold jewellery though.
  • Every individual is aware of its value and will invest in it willingly.
  • Do satisfy your doubts by checking out the answers below and create a magnificent collection of gold jewellery over time.


Why jewellery is a bad investment?

  • Buying gold jewellery is considered to be an excellent investment with advantages galore. The only disadvantage of making such an investment is that you have to take special care for protecting it.
  • Buying and wearing Gold jewellery has been a passion for most women. Investing in it is also going to be financially rewarding. The popularity of investing in gold jewellery in lieu of taking an exotic vacation remains high with the former option considered to be wise and fruitful.



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